CEO Roundtable bridging Asia

S2E14 Protix- Insect farming is ready to take flight

January 15, 2022

In this episode, I speak to Kees Aarts, CEO and founder of Protix. 1. His journey to founding Protix 2. What problems he is solving now. 3. Business model. 4. How big is the market? 5. What is the future of insect farming?

Protix is world leading insect-nutrition company with a solid IP base and
derisked technology platform. Protix has grown its revenues to 7M in
2020, a 240% growth factor after the opening of its flagship facility in
Bergen op Zoom. Protix is the first company to achieve large-scale
operations since it’s nascency in 2009. Protix is the pioneer in the industry
having laid the foundations for the IPIFF, new regulatory frameworks and
was the first to be solidly funded for expansion in 2017. Protix is now at the
cusp of international expansion.

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